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If you made a big, career-related New Year’s resolution this year, we’re betting it’s one of three things: finding a new job, getting a big promotion at your current company, or finally venturing out on your own.
At first glance, social media and career-building might not be related to each other. However, you might be pursuing a social networking career, or you simply might want to improve your social network skills – in both cases, you will need to learn how to use social media platforms. Moreover, social media can influence your career both positively and negatively. Hence, here are the seven ways of how social media can help your career or harm it.
Job hunting is never easy, but in a pandemic, it’s a real struggle. Remember one thing – good people are always in demand in any market – so it’s your job to stand out and be noticed. Here are some straightforward hacks to stand out in a crowd.